Teeth are amazing. Not only do they allow us to eat, but they also help us speak and not scare people when we smile. Yet, despite their importance, rarely do we think about them unless we are brushing them or going to the dentist. In today’s article, we at Montana Dental Works would like to share with you some interesting and remarkable facts about your teeth.

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Every Tooth Is Unique

Your teeth are as unique as your fingerprint. As you’ve probably heard from that archeology class or from watching investigative crime shows, dental records are a reliable way to identify a person. No person has the same dental “fingerprint”. Even identical twins have totally unique teeth.

Blue Sells Better Than Red

Research shows that for toothbrush manufacturers, green and blue brushes reliably sell better than red ones.

Cleaning the Parts You Can’t See Is Just as Important as the Parts You Can See

When we brush our teeth, it can often be tempting to just focus on the parts we can see—the tops and sides. However, this is quite the oversight because the surfaces between can harbor food and bacteria that lead to tooth decay and a whole host of other problems. Floss and get regular professional teeth cleanings! Some research suggests that flossing regularly can help you live a longer life.

Enamel Is the Hardest Part of the Whole Body

Believe it or not, the outer, topmost layer of your teeth, the enamel, is the hardest part of your body.

Teeth Can’t Repair Themselves 

Unlike bones, teeth cannot repair themselves. They will not regrow. Fun fact: crocodiles, on the other hand, can regrow their teeth after losing one. And another fun fact: giraffes only have bottom teeth.

Capped Brushes Hold More Bacteria

Oftentimes, when you place a cap on your toothbrush to keep it from getting dirty, this actually can be more harmful to your cause. This covered moist environment is more susceptible to bacteria growth.

The Most Expensive Tooth Was Sir Isaac Newton’s

In 1816, one of Sir Isaac Newton’s teeth was set into a ring and sold for $3,633, which by today’s standards is well over $35,000.

Soda Drinkers Are More Susceptible to Tooth Problems

On average, people who routinely drink soda are 60% more likely to experience tooth decay and need dental work completed. For optimal oral care, drink more water, less pop!

45-50 Seconds is the Average Brush Time

As you hopefully guessed, this is not long enough. Most dentists recommend brushing your teeth for two to three minutes. To get yourself into the routine of brushing for the appropriate amount of time, consider putting on your favorite song or getting an electric toothbrush that shuts off after a two or three-minute cycle.

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