Dental implants are the longest-lasting and most natural looking solution for damaged or missing teeth. However, as all of those who are need of them quickly find out, the cost of this dental procedure can be rather pricey.  Are you having trouble finding affordable dental implants? Check out this guide for finding affordable dental implants.

Shop Around

As with any good or service, the easiest way to find the best deal is through shopping around. To ensure you make the most of your comparison shopping, go about the process as systematically as possible. For example, here is a list of possible steps to include when shopping around:

  • First: make a list of all the dental implant centers or dentists who perform dental implants. A simple Google search should do the trick for helping you locate all of those in your area. Write down the dentists that look like they might be a good fit. When looking for prospective matches, make a special note for those who offer free consultations. 
  • Second: After you have compiled a list — we recommend at least three dental practices — it is now time to set up appointments and dental consultation.
  • Third: When you go for your consultation, it is important that you ask all the right and necessary questions. To ensure that you do this and get a detailed quote, consider making a little questionnaire for you to fill out when talking to each dental office. These questions might include a comprehensive breakdown of fees, and estimated total costs for imaging, anesthesia, modeling, surgery, materials, bone grafts, and any other potential costs.
  • Fourth: After you have compiled all of this information, you can then easily compare dental implant costs, procedures, experience, and other relevant criteria. This should make it clear where you should go for the best and most affordable dental implants.


The cost of dental implants can vary significantly depending on your geographical location. For instance, dentists in urban areas tend to have higher prices than their rural counterparts. This is often reflective of the higher cost of living as well as higher overhead costs. To get the best price on implants, some people will shop around outside of their home. While this may not be feasible for everyone, others have found this to be the best way to save money on their implants. Some people have even traveled out of the country. It’s a phenomenon known as dental tourism. However, this is something we would not recommend, especially for implants. Implants often required multiple visits, and many US dental practices use industry-leading techniques and equipment. These are important facts to keep in mind. 

Go Back To School

Before you quit your job and start packing up your backpack, you’ll want to read on. When we say go back to school, what we mean is going to a school of dentistry and let the budding dentists — under the supervision of expert surgeons— perform your implant procedure. This can be another great option for finding cheap dental implants. However, many schools only offer this service to low-income individuals and often have long waiting lists. Additionally, the work can take multiple visits and the hours can be inconvenient, but if you are able to make it work, the savings might make it well worth it.

Finance Your Procedure

Since dental implants are quite expensive, many cosmetic dentists offer financing plans or ways to help make the process affordable. When shopping around, be sure to ask about this if you fear that the cost of implants will be a financial burden to you. There are also financing companies that specialize in dental work. To qualify for these loans, a good credit score is often essential. Because dental implants typically don’t require ongoing treatments once the procedure is complete, financing can be a great way to make the procedure affordable.

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