1. 5 Tips for Good Dental Health

    Good dental health is not a matter of luck. Sure, some people are luckily born with good genes that give them naturally good teeth, but for the most part, a bright, healthy smile is the result of good…Read More

  2. How Dental Implants Work

    Archeological evidence indicates that humans first started replacing missing teeth thousands of years ago. Among some of the first dental pioneers were the ancient Chinese, who used bamboo pegs to rep…Read More

  3. Dental Health and Your Diet

    Your body works hard to convert the foods you eat into energy. You may not think twice about what you are eating – especially when it comes to grabbing an afternoon snack or sipping on a vanilla lat…Read More

  4. Bad Breath

    Having bad breath can be an embarrassing problem – especially if you are regularly face to face with other people. Known professionally as halitosis, bad breath plagues many people every day. Most c…Read More

  5. How to Brush Your Teeth

    Brushing your teeth is probably a standard part of your daily routine, but chances are you aren’t following the American Dental Association’s guidelines for cleaning your teeth properly. The ADA c…Read More

  6. Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings

    Composite fillings – also known as tooth-colored fillings – are dental restorations designed to be inconspicuous and natural in appearance. They blend well with the teeth and appear more natural t…Read More

  7. Electric Brush vs. Manual Brushes

    Preventative dentistry is about more than just visiting your dentist twice yearly for an exam and thorough cleaning. In fact, the majority of your preventative care is done at-home as a part of your n…Read More

  8. How to Floss Your Teeth

    Flossing is an important part of an oral hygiene routine, but research suggests that fewer than half of Americans do so daily. Flossing is simple and only takes an extra couple of minutes per day. Dev…Read More

  9. Fluoride and Decay Prevention

    Fluoride is a naturally occurring element that has been shown to help strengthen teeth in children and also prevent decay in people of all ages. Topical fluoride, in particular is helpful for promotin…Read More